Event: "Over the Edge" Date: May 31, 1998 Location: Milwaukee, Winsconsin Arena: Winsconsin Center Arena Attendence: 9,822

Legion of Doom 200 (Hawk and Animal) defeated Disciples of Apoclypse (Skull and Eight Ball) (9:56) when Animal pinned Eight Ball....Jeff Jarrett pinned Steve Blackman (10:18)....Marc Mero pinned Sable (0:21). Due to stipulations, Sable had to "leave" the WWF....Handicap Match: Kaientai (Dick Togo, Mens Teioh, and Sho Funaki) defeated Taka Michinoku and Justin Bradshaw (9:54) in a "handicap" match when Togo pinned Michinoku....Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match: Rocky Maivia pinned Farooq (5:02) to retain the Intercontinental title....Mask Vs. Mask Match: Kane pinned Vader (7:20) in a "mask vs. mask" match....Nation of Domination (Owen Hart, Kama Mustafa, and D-Lo Brown) defeated DeGeneration X (Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Billy Gunn, and Jesse James) (18:33) when Hart pinned Helmsley....World Heavyweight Title Match: Steve Austin pinned Dude Love (22:28). Vince McMahon was the special referee, Jerry Brisco the timekeeper, and Pat Patterson the ring announcer.

Event: "Over the Edge" Date: May 23, 1999 Location: Kansas City, Missouri Arena: Kemper Arena Attendence: 16,472

Sunday Night Heat Match: Meat pinned Brian Christopher....Sunday Night Heat Match: Jeff and Matt Hardy defeated Goldust and The Blue Meanie when Meanie was pinned....Sunday Night Heat Match: Vince McMahon and Mideon fought to a No Contest....World Tag Team Title Match: Kane and X-Pac defeated D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry when Kane pinned Henry to retain the tag team titles....World Hardcore Title Match: Al Snow pinned Bob Holly....The Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match was cancelled due to a fatal accident when Owen Hart fell to his death....Mr. Ass pinned Road Dogg....Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Union (Mankind, The Big Show, Test, and Ken Shamrock) defeated The Corporate Ministry (Viscera, Farooq, Bradshaw, and The Big Bossman) in an "elimination" match. Mankind was the sole survivor. Bradshaw pinned Test. Shamrock forced Bradshaw to submit. Shamrock was Disqualified. Big Show pinned Farooq. Big Show and Viscera were counted out. Mankind forced Bossman to submit....Rocky Maivia defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley by Disqualification....World Heavyweight Title Match: The Undertaker pinned Steve Austin to win title. Shane McMahon was the special referee.


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