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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a professional wrestling promotion based in Stamford, Connecticut.[1] Employees in WWE consist of professional wrestlers, managers, play-by-play and color commentators, ring announcers, interviewers, referees, trainers, road agents, script writers and various other positions. Executives and board of directors are also listed.

WWE employees' contracts range from developmental contracts to multi-year deals[2] and they appear as independent contractors.[1] Employees on the main roster appear on specific brands (Raw and SmackDown) for WWE television programming, pay-per-view and at live events while developmental

Ring name[1] Real name[2] Notes[3]
Punk, CM Phil Brooks[3] Inactive; injured elbow.

Also color commentator on Raw[4]

Daniel Bryan Bryan Danielson[5] WWE United States Champion[6]
Darren Young Frederick Rosser[7] [8]
David Hart Smith Harry Smith[9] [10]
David Otunga David Otunga[11] [12]
Evan Bourne Matthew Korklan[13] Inactive; injured shoulder.[14]
Ezekiel Jackson Rycklon Stephens[15] [16]
Goldust Dustin Runnels[17] Also appears on NXT[18]
The Great Khali Dalip Singh Rana[19] Inactive; competing in India's Bigg Boss.[20]
Heath Slater Heath Miller[21] WWE Tag Team Champion[22]
Husky Harris Windham Rotunda[23] Also competes in FCW[24][25]
Jey Uso Joshua Fatu[26] [27]
Jimmy Uso Jonathan Fatu[28] [29]
John Cena John Cena (Kayfabe) Fired due to stipulation from Survivor Series and feud with Wade Barrett
John Morrison John Hennigan[30] [31]
Justin Gabriel Paul Lloyd, Jr.[32] WWE Tag Team Champion[33]
Mark Henry Mark Henry[34] [35]
Michael McGillicutty Joseph Hennig[36] Also competes in FCW[37][38]
Michael Tarver Tyrone Evans[39] Inactive; injured groin.[40]
The Miz Mike Mizanin[41] WWE Champion[42]
Primo Edwin Colón[43] Also appears on NXT[44]
R-Truth Ron Killings[45] [46]
Randy Orton Randy Orton[47] [48]
Santino Marella Anthony Carelli[49] [50]
Sheamus Stephen Farrelly[51] 2010 King of the Ring[52]
Skip Sheffield Ryan Reeves[53] Inactive; injured ankle.[54]
Ted DiBiase Theodore DiBiase, Jr.[55] [56]
Triple H Paul Levesque[57] Senior adviser

Inactive; recovering from injuries.[58][59]

Tyson Kidd Theodore Wilson[60] [61]
Vladimir Kozlov Oleg Prudius[62] [63]
Wade Barrett Stuart Bennett[64] [65]
William Regal Darren Matthews[66] [67]
Yoshi Tatsu Naofumi Yamamoto[68] [69]
Zack Ryder Matthew Cardona[70] [71]

employees appear at Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

Employees and management are organized by role within the promotion. The ring name of the employee is written on the left, while the employee's real name is on the right. If a wrestler is inactive for any reason, due to injury, suspension, not wrestling in 30 days or otherwise, that information is noted.

Employees are generally assigned to a specific brand, though they may make occasional special appearances on another brand. The WWE Tag Team Champions and the WWE Divas Champion can regularly appear on both Raw and SmackDown as those titles (due to being unified) can be defended on either show. All employees can appear on WWE Superstars, as that show is designed to feature both brands.

WWE refers to its male performers as "Superstars" and its female performers as "Divas". The term "Superstars" is also occasionally used to refer to all WWE performers, regardless of gender. The female wrestlers of the show WWE NXT are called "Rookie Divas". They also can appear on either Raw or SmackDown with their assigned "Pros", depending on whichever brand their pro belongs to, or by a brand's General Manager for a special match.

Main rostersEdit

Raw brandEdit

Male wrestlersEdit

Female wrestlersEdit

Ring name[4] Real name[5] Notes[6]
Alicia Fox Victoria Crawford[72] Also appears on NXT[73]
Brie Bella Brianna García[74] Also appears on NXT[75]
Eve Eve Torres[76] Also valet of R-Truth[77]
Gail Kim Gail Kim[78] [79]
Maryse Maryse Ouellet[80] Also Personal assistant of Ted DiBiase[81]
Melina Melina Pérez[82] [83]
Natalya Natalie Neidhart[84] WWE Divas Champion[85]
Nikki Bella Nicole García[86] Also appears on NXT[87]
Tamina Sarona Reiher[88] Valet of Jimmy and Jey Uso[89]

Other on-air employeesEdit

Ring name[7] Real name[8] Role[9] Notes[10]
Alex Riley Kevin Kiley[90] Apprentice of The MizOccasional wrestler Also competes in FCW[91][92]
Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler[93] Color commentator

Occasional wrestler

WWE Hall of Famer[94]
Justin Roberts Justin Roberts[95] Ring announcer [96]
Michael Cole Michael Coulthard[97] Play-by-play commentator (for all WWE programming)Official spokesman for the anonymous Raw GM [98]
Ranjin Singh Dave Kapoor[99] Manager and interpreter of The Great Khali Also writer for Raw[100][101]

SmackDown brandEdit

Male wrestlersEdit

Ring name[11] Real name[12] Notes[13]
Alberto Del Rio Alberto Rodríguez[102] [103]
The Big Show Paul Wight, Jr.[104] [105]
Chavo Guerrero Salvador Guerrero IV[106] [107]
Chris Masters Chris Mordetzky[108] [109]
Christian William Reso[110] Inactive; torn pectoral muscle.[111]
Cody Rhodes Cody Runnels[112] [113]
Curt Hawkins Brian Myers[114] [115]
Dolph Ziggler Nicholas Nemeth[116] WWE Intercontinental Champion[117]
Drew McIntyre Drew Galloway[118] [119]
Edge Adam Copeland[120] [121]
Jack Swagger Jake Hager[122] [123]
Joseph "Joey" Mercury Adam Birch[124] Inactive; torn pectoral muscle.[125]
JTG Jayson Paul[126] [127]
Kane Glenn Jacobs[128] World Heavyweight Champion[129]
Kaval Brandon Silvestry[130] [131]
Kofi Kingston Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah[132] [133]
Montel Vontavious Porter (M.V.P.) Alvin Burke, Jr.[134] [135]
Rey Mysterio Óscar Gutiérrez[136] [137]
Trent Barreta Greg Marasciulo[138] Also competes in FCW[139][140]
Tyler Reks Gabriel Tuft[141] Also competes in FCW[142][143]
The Undertaker Mark Calaway[144] Inactive; recovering from shoulder injury.[145]

Female wrestlersEdit

Ring name[14] Real name[15] Notes[16]
Beth Phoenix Elizabeth Carolan[146] [147]
Kelly Kelly Barbara Blank[148] Also appears on NXT[149][150]
Layla Layla El[151] [152][153]
Michelle McCool Michelle McCool[154] [153][155]
Rosa Mendes Milena Roucka[156] [157]

Other on-air employeesEdit

Ring name[17] Real name[18] Role[19] Notes[20]
Hornswoggle Dylan Postl[158] Appears in backstage skits

Occasional wrestler

Matt Striker Matthew Kaye[160] Color commentator Also co-host of NXT with Ashley Valence[161]
Paul Bearer William Moody[162] Manager/(kayfabe) father of Kane [163]
Ricardo Rodriguez Jesús Rodríguez[164] Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer Also competes in FCW[165][166]
Theodore "Teddy" Long Theodore Long[167] General Manager [168]
Todd Grisham Todd Grisham[169] Play-by-play commentator [170]
Tony Chimel Anthony Chimel[171] Ring announcer Also ring announcer of NXT[172]
Vickie Guerrero Vickie Guerrero[173] Consultant to Teddy Long

Occasional wrestler

Manager/(kayfabe) girlfriend of Dolph ZigglerAlso appears on NXT[174]


Rookie DivasEdit

Ring name[21] Real name[22] Notes[23]
A.J. April Jeanette[175] Eliminated from competition by NXT Poll

Queen of Florida Also competes in FCW[176][177]

Aksana Živilė Raudonienė[178] Eliminated from competition by NXT Poll

Also competes in FCW[179][180]

Kaitlyn Celeste Bonin[181] Also competes in FCW[182][183]
Maxine Karlee Pérez[184] Eliminated from competition by NXT Poll

General Manager of FCW[185][186]

Naomi Trinity McCray[187] FCW Divas Champion

Also competes in FCW[188][189]

Other on-air employeesEdit

Ring name[24] Real name[25] Role[26] Notes[27]
Ashley Valence Ashley Ann Vickers[190] Co-host with Matt Striker Also Ring announcer on SuperstarsAlso competes in FCW[191]
Josh Mathews Josh Lomberger[192] Play-by-play commentator Also does interviews on Raw and SmackDown[193]

Developmental rosterEdit

Florida Championship WrestlingEdit

Male wrestlersEdit

[28][29]Mason Ryan

[30][31]Xavier Woods

Ring name[32] Real name[33] Notes[34]
Big E Langston Ewen, Ettore [194] [195]
Bo Rotundo Taylor Rotunda[196] [197]
Bobby Dutch William Carr[198] [199]
Brad Maddox Brent Wellington[200] [201]
Brett DiBiase Brett DiBiase[202] Inactive due to injury[203]
Brodus Clay George Murdoch[204] [205]
Buck Dixon Shane Canterbury [206]
Calvin Raines Patrick Brink[207] [208]
Conor O'Brien Ryan Parmeter[209] [210]
Damien Sandow Aaron Haddad[211] [212]
Derrick Bateman Michael Hutter[213] [214]
Donny Marlow Tevita Fifita[215] [216]
Eli Cottonwood Kipp Christianson[217] [218][219]
Epico / Tito Colón Orlando Colón[220] [221]
Hunico Jorge Arias[222] [223]
!Jackson Andrews Steven Slocum[224] [225]
Jacob Novak Unknown [226]
James Bronson Phil Friedman[227] [228]
Jinder Mahal Yuvraj Dhesi[229] [230]
Johnny Curtis Jonathan Curtis[231] [232]
Kenny Li Li Fang [233]
Kevin Hackman Andrew Leavine [234]
Leo Kruger Ray Leppan[235] [236]
Lucky Cannon Jon Emminger[237] [238][239]
Marcus Owens Marquis Youngston [240]
Mason Ryan Barri Griffiths[241] Currently on tour with the main roster

Florida Heavyweight Champion[242]

Percy Watson Nick McNeil[243] [244][245]
Rhys Ali Reon Mahima[246] [247]
Richie Steamboat Richard Blood, Jr.[248] [249]
Roman Leakee Leati Joseph Anoa'i[250] [251]
Seth Rollins Colby Lopez[252] [253]
Titus O'Neil Thaddeus Bullard[254] [255][256]
Wes Brisco Wesley Brisco[257] Florida Tag Team Champion[258]
Xavier Woods Austin Watson[259] Florida Tag Team Champion[260]

Female wrestlersEdit

Ring name[35] Real name[36] Notes[37]
Caylee Turner Christina Crawford[261] [262]
Sonia Su Yung[263] [264]
Verity Thomas Vicky Skeeles[265] [266]

Other on-air employeesEdit

Ring name[38] Real name[39] Role[40]
Abraham Washington Brian Jossie[267] Color commentator[268]
Byron Saxton Bryan J. Kelly[269] Play-by-play commentator
Matt Martlaro Matthew Martlaro Interviewer
Norman Smiley Norman Smiley[270] Trainer
Steve Keirn Steve Keirn[271] President

Head trainer[272]

Unassigned employeesEdit

Ring name[41] Real name[42] Notes[43]
Alex Koslov Alex Sherman[273] Has signed contract[274][275]
Donovan Ruddick Brian McGhee Signed recently[276]
Jemma Palmer Jemma Palmer[277] Signed recently, has received her Visa. Yet to debut on FCW.[278]
Mattias Wild Mattias Wild Has signed contract, yet to debut.[279]
Melyssa Buhl Melyssa Buhl Signed recently[280]
Shaul Marie Guerrero Shaul Marie Guerrero Signed recently[281]

Company officialsEdit

[44][45]Vince McMahon===Executive officers===

Name[46] Notes[47]
Vince McMahon (Mr. McMahon) Chairman / CEO[282][283]Makes occasional appearances on both Raw and SmackDown[284]
Andrew Whitaker Executive Vice President, International[285]
Brian Kalinowski Executive Vice President, Digital Media[282]
Donna Goldsmith Chief Operating Officer[282][286]
George Barrios Chief Financial Officer[282][287]
Jim Connelly Senior Vice President, Consumer Products[282][288]
John Laurinaitis Executive Vice President, Talent Relations[289]
Kevin Dunn Executive Vice President, Television Production[282][290]
Matt Pavone Executive Vice President, WWE Studios[282][291]
Stephanie McMahon-Levesque Executive Vice President, Creative Development and Operations[282][292]
Michelle D. Wilson Executive Vice President, Marketing[282]

Creative writersEdit

Name[48] Notes[49]
Brian Gewirtz Head writer for RawSenior Vice President of Creative Writing[101][293]
Dusty Rhodes (Virgil Runnels) Head writer for FCWWWE Hall of Famer
Michael Hayes (Michael Seitz) Head writer for SmackDown[294]
Ed Koskey Head writer for WWE NXT and WWE Superstars
Pat Patterson (Pierre Clemont) Creative consultant

WWE Hall of Famer[295]

Producers and trainersEdit

Name[50] Notes[51]
Anderson (Martin Lunde) [293][296]
Billy Kidman (Peter Gruner) [293][297]
Blackjack Lanza (Jack Lanza) WWE Hall of Famer[298]
Dean Malenko (Dean Simon) [299]
Finlay (David Finlay, Jr.) Also occasionally wrestles as part of the SmackDown Roster[300]
Jamie Noble (James Howard) [301]
Gerald Brisco WWE Hall of Famer[302]
Harvey Wippleman (Bruno Lauer)
Mike Rotunda Makes occasional appearances as Irwin R. Schyster[303]
Ricky Steamboat (Richard Blood) WWE Hall of Famer[304]
Sean Morley [305][306]
Steve Lombardi
Tom Prichard FCW trainer[293]
Tony Garea (Anthony Garcia) [293]


Ring name[52] Real name[53] Notes[54]
Chad Patton Chad Patton[307] [308]
Charles Robinson Charles Robinson[309] [310]
Jack Doan Jack Doan[311] Senior referee[312]
John Cone John Cone[313] [314]
Justin King Justin King[315] Also referees FCW[316]
Mike Chioda Mike Chioda[317] Senior Referee[318]
Rod Zapata Rod Zapata Also referees FCW[319]
Ryan Tran Ryan Tran FCW referee[320]
Tony Smith Ronnie Washington FCW referee[321]

Other personnelEdit

Name[55] Notes[56]
Carlos Cabrera Spanish commentator[322]
Corey Clayton WWE Universe Community Leader and Moderator[323]
Darren Drozdov columnist[citation needed]
Ferdinand Rios Physician[324]
Freddie Prinze Jr. Creative liason, producer/director
Hugo Savinovich Spanish commentator[325]
Jim Ross[326] Talent Relations

WWE Hall of Famer[327]

Jack Korpela Host of WWE Bottom Line, WWE specials, and WWE Free for All[328]
Scott Stanford Fill-in Play-by-play commentator of Superstars, Host of WWE Bottom Line, WWE specials, and WWE Free for All[329][330]
Jim Johnston Music director[331]
Joey Styles Director of Digital Media Content,[332]
John "Big" Gaburik Director of On-Air Promotions[333]
Mae Young WWE Ambassador

WWE Hall of Famer[334]

Marcelo Rodríguez Spanish commentator[335]
Mark Yeaton Timekeeper[336]
"Mean" Gene Okerlund Occasional WWE 24/7 host

WWE Hall of Famer[337]

Peter Clifford Senior Vice President, Distribution and Affiliate marketing
Sgt. Slaughter (Robert Remus) WWE Ambassador

WWE Hall of Famer[338]

Stone Cold Steve Austin (Steve Williams) WWE Ambassador

WWE Hall of Famer[339]