Mr Anderson Anderson Drop
Shawn Mishshja

Suck it

Sweet Chin Music,
Randy Orton RKO, Punt Kick
Triple H The Pedigree, Indian Deathlock, 
Val Venis The Money Shot, Fisherman's Suplex
Jerry Lawler Piledriver, Fist off The Second Ropes
John Cena Attitude Adjustment, STF
Carlito Caribbean Cool Modified Swinging Neckbreaker, The Back Stabber (Cracker)
Lance Cade Lariat Clothesline, Sweet and Sour
Trevor Murdoch Top Rope Bulldog, Sweet and Sour
Umaga/Jamal Samoan Drop, Asiatic Spike
Candice Michelle Candylicious (Upside down leg choke from top rope), Sugar Rush (Forward Russian Legsweep)
Beth Phoenix Samoan Driver, Down in Flames (Michinuko Driver II), Glam Sam
Mickie James Mick Kick, Spining Back Kick, Mickie DDT
Charlie Haas Haas Of Pain
Jeff Hardy Swanton Bomb, Poetry in Motion, Twist OF Fate
Hacksaw Jim Duggan Three Point Stance, Kneedrop
Super Crazy Crazy bomb, Moonsault
Santino Marella Standing Armbar, Triangle Choke, Swinging Neckbreaker, Cobra Strike
Mr. Kennedy Green Bay Plunge, Kenton Bomb, Mic Check
Gene Snitsky Big Boot, Pumphandle Slam
Paul London London Calling, Flying DDT, 450 Splash
Brian Kendrick Sliced Bread #2, Dr. Smoothe's Secret Recipe (Corner Backflip Dropkick)
William Regal The Regal Stretch, The Power Of The Punch, Knee Trembler
Hardcore Holly The Hollycaust, Alabama Slam, Falcon Arrow
Harry Smith/ David Hart Smith Running Powerslam, Arabian Crab/Clutch, The Bulldog Bite (modified Dragon Sleeper), Running Over-the-Shoulder Powerslam, The Emerald Flowsion, Saito Suplex
Chris Jericho Walls of Jericho, Liontamer, The Lionsault, Codebreaker, Breakdown
John Bradshaw Layfield Clothesline From Hell, JBL Bomb (Powerbomb), 
Robbie McAllistair (The Highlanders) The Scot Drop
Rory McAllistair (The Highlanders) The Scot Drop
Paul Burchill The C-4 (Backflip Exploder), Rolling Samoan Crash, Standing Moonsault, Standing Shooting Star Press, No-handed flip dive, Pumphandle Sidewalk Slam, Northern Lights Suplex
JTG G-9, Running Front Flip Neckbreaker, Diving Leg Lariat, Da Shout Out
Shad Gaspard G-9, Big Boot, Back Suplex Side Slam, Thugnificent
Name Finisher and Signature Move(s)
The Undertaker Tombstone Piledriver, The Last Ride, Chokeslam, Hell's Gate
Edge Downward Spiral, , Spear
Rey Misterio "619", West Coast Pop, Dropping Da Dime, Frog Splash
Sho Funaki Reverse Tornado DDT, Rising Sun
Batista Batista Bomb, Batista Bite
Matt Hardy Twist Of Fate
Mark Henry World's Strongest Slam, World's Strongest Splash
Gregory Helms/Hurricane Shining Wizard, The Nightmare on Helms Street, Vertebreaker
Fit Finlay The Celtic Cross, Celtic Knot
Jamie Noble Dragon Sleeper, The Trailer Hitch
Montel Vontavius Porter/ M.V.P. "Play of the Day", Playmaker, Drive-by Kick
Shannon Moore Halo
Deuce Shades "Crack Em In Da Mouth" Running Kick
The Great Khali Chop to the Head, Khali Bomb, Vise Grip
Torrie Wilson Spinning DDT, Nose Job (Jumping Facebuster), Stinkface
Curt Hawkins Heat Stroke
Zack Ryder Heat Stroke, Saving Grace, Rough Ryder
Victoria Widow's Peak, The Black Widow (Inverted Powerbomb), Spider's Web (Spinning Sidewalk Slam)
Chuck Palumbo The Full Throttle (Whirlwind Side Slam)
Kenny Dykstra Guillotine Legdrop
The Big Show WMD, Chokeslam, Colossal Clutch
Hornswoggle Tadpole (Frog) Splash, Lepreton Bomb, Sweet Shin Music
Name Finisher and Signature Move(s)
Tyson Kidd/T.J Wilson The Code Blue, Over Castle, Sharpshooter, The Hart Lock, Springboard Elbow Drop
G-Rilla/Brodus Clay ICU, The Fall Of Humanity, Splat!
Steve Lewington Side Winder Neckbreaker, Reverse Spinning Heel Kick
Shawn Osborne The Bad Slam, Favorite Moves: Elbow Drop, The "Die!" Chop, High Knee
Heath Miller/Heath Slater Running Neckbreaker, Sweetness, E-Minor, Smash Hit, Jumping Reverse Bulldog, Overdrive, Snapmare Driver
Brandon Groom Airplane DVD, The Superkick
Afa Jr. The Frog Splash, The Rock Bottom
Derrick Neikirk The Round Trip
Sheamus O'Shaunessy The Fiery Red Hand, The Irish Curse Backbreaker, Brogue Kick, High Cross, Texas Cloverleaf
Sinn Bowdee Hell-bow
Mike Mondo Running Splash Mountain

Kane ChokeSlam, Tombstone Piledriver

Seth Rollins Turnbuckle Powerbomb,Pedigree

Bubba Ray Dudley Bubba Bomb,3D

D-Von Dudley 3D

Roman Reigns Spear,SuperMan Punch

Cesaro Cesaro Swing, Neutraliser

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